Thai Christian School Fact Sheet & Information

1. Teachers

All Thai Christian School (TCS) teachers are dedicated and well qualified, committing themselves to providing each student with the finest education possible. Our foreign teaching staff are native speakers and are highly qualified and experienced. They are qualified to teach in their respective languages – either English or Chinese – having completed language instruction courses. The majority of our foreign teachers are from the USA, the UK, and China.

2. Teacher-Student Ratio

The school ratio of teachers to students is approximately 1:12 for Kindergarten and 1:15 for primary and secondary. Each class has both a Thai homeroom teacher and foreign homeroom teacher.

3. Languages

The school conducts English, Thai, and Chinese language instruction. Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies are taught in both English and Thai.

4. Curriculum & Teaching Methodology


TCS teaches an Early Childhood Curriculum based on Dr. Montessori’s learning theory and Christian values and ethics from the Bible to lay down a solid moral foundation. An individual learning process for each child is emphasized through exploring Montessori’s sensorial materials, practicing skills using all five senses. Class materials also introduce mathematics and languages.

Primary to Secondary Level

TCS has developed its curriculum to conform with Thai Government policy on education reform and the prescribed curriculum. It emphasizes English with modern technology and innovative teaching methods.

Grade 10-12 (Mathayom 4-6) Study Plans

  1. Science & Mathematics focus.
  2. English & Mathematics focus.
  3. English & Chinese focus.

5. Textbooks

Books are chosen to comply with the curriculum and are sourced from the USA, the UK, Singapore, and Thailand.

6. Extracurricular Activities

The school provides a wide range of activities to boost students’ confidence, improve ethics, and encourage teamwork. These include Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade, Scout camps, Science and Social Studies field trips, School Band, talent competitions, Project Days, Sports Days, TCS Swim Team, and Thai holidays.

7. Assistance for New Students

The school offers various programs of extra tuition in English and Thai that are suitable for students who have transferred from another school or another country.

8. After School Classes

Kindergarten                 (15:10-16:00): English, Thai, Ballet, and Tae Kwon Do

Primary & Secondary   (15:10-16:00): English, Chinese, Thai, Homework, and Subject Tutoring

(16:00-17:00): “Small Group” English, Math, and Chinese

Edutainment Program   (16:10-17:00): Ballet, Violin, Tae Kwon Do, Arts, Swimming and Go Game

9. School Security

There is an extensive CCTV system throughout the school, supplemented by security guards on all entry/exit points.

10. School Vans

We have 7 school vans to provide a transportation service and the cost is calculated from the route. There are also teachers and staff members who can provide transport on many other routes.

11. School Graduates Continuing Their Studies (2005-2017)


  Public Universities   Private Universities
  Thammasat University   Assumption University
  Chulalongkorn University   Bangkok University
  Mahidol University   Stamford International University
  Kasetsart University   Rangsit University
  Srinakharinwirot University   Dusit Thani College
  Overseas Universities

University of California, Davis, USA

Eastern Michigan University, USA


12. School Admissions

Kindergarten admissions are accepted all year.

Primary and Secondary admissions are accepted in August (first round) for the following academic year starting in May. However, admissions at other times may be allowed on a case-by-case basis in exceptional circumstances.

13. Application Process

Application: There is a fee of 500 baht when submitting an Application Form which covers an entrance test and interview, details of which are attached.

Enrolling: Students who are accepted at TCS will only be guaranteed a place once the registration materials and payment of tuition and school fees have been received.

Waiting List: If available places are limited, students may be placed on a waiting list. They should not withdraw from their current school until enrollment at TCS is confirmed. Placement on the waiting list does not guarantee placement at TCS.