Checking/Getting Access to Google Classroom

To prepare for online learning, please check that your child has access to their TCS Google Classroom account, which looks like:

Example: John Smith =


(This is the same account that many already signed up for during online learning in May.)

Or, find out how to get access to the account below.


No Account Yet:

If the student has NOT already been signed up for access, a parent must complete the ONLINE FORM: “G.1-12 TCS Email Account Agreement and Access” which is step 1 in the link below. Step 2 is a tutorial for using Google Classroom.

Google Classroom

(The link above is the same as sent out in May. If the student already has an account, there is NO need to fill in the form again!)


Test Signing In:

Test that the username and password is correct:

– Go to

– At the menu (top left or right), find “Sign in” then select ” Google Classroom”.

(Or, click the “Go to Classroom” button in the middle of the page.)

If you can sign in, then it is working and you are finished.


Password/Username Problems:

If the password is forgotten or there is a problem getting access, please:

– Contact the THAI HOMEROOM TEACHER (e.g., to request a password reset).

– Inform the student’s ID (5 numbers) and name in English.

– If it is more than a password problem, please give details such as the exact error message and/or take a photo.


When a password reset is requested:

– Staff will reset it as soon as possible (usually the same day) – please allow one working day before re-contacting if there is still a problem.

– The new temporary password will be the student ID 2 times (e.g., 0987609876).

– The first time they log in it will ask to set a new password.